Thursday, May 22, 2014

Hannah Sullivan: The Runner

Hey all, hope you are all enjoying a fabulous Thursday day! Today, I get the pleasure of introducing the next of our fabulous WWW ladies. In my ongoing quest to come up with witty nicknames for everyone, I like to call her The Runner. You probably should call her Hannah Sullivan, and then maybe, if you’re lucky, she will let you come up with your own equally silly nickname.

Isn’t she a doll? She has some secret that lets her juggle being a wife, mother to a beautiful bevy of babies, writer AND crazy speedy runner (in fact, some of you ABNA-ers out there may recognize her as speedymom). I mean, look how fast she is!

Actual footage of her running. Not actual footage.
As far as WWW-ers go, she is the most newly published, with her fantastic Thunder: The Shadows Are Stirring released only last week. Similar to Andrea’s awesome series, Hannah’s Thunder also features a super awesome female protagonist. Hannah’s created a wonderful tale about Olivia and her brothers, and their fight against the evil Sliders. I absolutely adore Olivia’s witty spirit and her ability to fend for herself. Not only is it a book I would recommend to others, I also urge parents to buy this one for their daughters. The literary world needs more strong female characters, and Olivia is definitely one of the best I’ve come across. I can’t tell you enough good things about this story. Plus look at the brill cover her genius friend designed for her.

Now, what can I tell you about Hannah that will make you love her as much as I do? How about the fact that she is one of the most giving, special and beautifully spirited people I have ever met! She’s just so pure, and sweet, and good, that I wish everyone could have a little piece of Hannah in their life but I’m too selfish and don’t want to share! Since I’m feeling particularly generous today, you should take a peek at her website!

But just in case I’m making her sound a little too otherworldly, she is also one of the most fantastically awesome, witty, brilliant and downright talented people I know. I mean, besides the book (which I say like it’s not such a giant achievement, WHICH IT IS), she also is wickedly clever with the pencil.

Mind illustrating my novel? :)
See? Plus, this girl can run. And I mean ruuuuuuun. Come on guys, she runs 5ks PREGNANT. AND WITH STROLLERS! Um, last time I ran a 5k I almost died. DIED! And by died, I mean almost had a heart attack. And by almost had a heart attack, I mean I got really sweaty and had to lay down for a long while. At her 6ish minute mile pace, I’m pretty sure she could run the race, come back and PICK ME UP, and then push me in the stroller to the finish line… and still beat my running time. She’s an animal!!

Not really an animal, she’s just amazing. And I’m thankful for her presence in my life. Every day. I really hope you all take the time to check out Thunder (buy it here!), and keep up on the newest information on the upcoming sequel. Maybe if you’re really nice, Hannah will also share some chocolate or sweet treat with you. Because in her words, ‘chocolates and cookies and brownies and jelly beans are not junk food.’ Who doesn’t want a friend like THAT?

Answer: NO ONE.
 Okay, okay. I should probably stop gushing. So embarrassing. Maybe I should turn the spotlight over to Hannah, and let her speak for herself … because now I need to go see if I can sneak some Lindor truffles from her bedside stash. Shhh … don’t tell.

The Questions:

1) Why write? What’s your inspiration? And when did you realize your ideas had merit?

I have told stories since I could talk. There are tapes (yes, I’m that old) of me around the age of three or four telling my parents or my siblings stories about made-up things and people. I had this guy named “Bouncing House,” and he was just that- a house that could bounce and talk. He was friends with “The Man Who Burnt His Bottom All the Time.” And, yes, that is exactly what he did. I’d like to think my storylines and characters have matured somewhat over the years. My inspiration? Life! The love of magic and fairies and adventure, of sparking someone else’s imagination. Seeing my children’s faces as I speak the words. I don’t know if, for other people, my words do have merit. I’m just beginning with this. But for me they do because I feel like they’re coming from somewhere, and I’m just placing them down, so other people can enjoy them.

2) Who is your favorite author/ what is your favorite book? (If you could live in a book, which would it be?)

I read so many, but the books I really adore are things done by Rick Riordan, Madeleine L’Engle, Lloyd Alexander, and Suzanne Collins (I highly recommend her Gregor series.) I would love to live in Debora Geary’s books. Based on “modern witches,” they’re all about love, harmony, peace, and acceptance, no matter who you are or what your belief system, background, or anything else is like. Oh, and magic of course. And cookies. Those both play prominent roles.

3) Are you an outliner, or a write-it-as-it-comes-er?

I am definitely not an outliner, when it comes to writing. I am a write-as it-comes kind of gal. I had no idea what Thunder was going to be about when I started it. Now I have hazy ideas for the next two books, Lightning and Storm, and certain things that HAVE to happen, but it’s not because I want it to go that way, or I have planned it that way. Instead, it’s like the characters have been feeding me tidbits, and I need to get it down for them.

4) Which of your characters is the most like you?

Out of the characters in Thunder, parts of me can be seen in the mother, Julia, and in the daughter, Olivia, though Olivia is based mostly on my own daughter. I’ve used some of my own experiences and dreams and feelings throughout the book, so I’m kind of sprinkled all over.

5) Where do you write? Name three objects in the space and explain why they are significant (do you hold it when writing? Fiddle with it? Look at it?)

I write at the computer in our office/guestroom, surrounded by papers that need to be gotten too, with easy access to the other members of the WorldWiseWriters group, and usually a stash of candy or cookies. But, I write in my head --a lot-- while running or fixing dinner or watching my kids play sports. I jot down little notes and stick them in drawers or on the desk, until I’ve written to the point where these things need to be added in. And music. I love listening to music while I type. It’s not something physical that I can see, or hold, or touch, but it’s a positive and important piece to my writing.

Hope everyone enjoyed reading! Next time, I'll be introducing the spectacular S.M. Freedman! 


  1. Such a talented writer. I seriously don't know how she manages to do everything she does, and do it all with such excellence! Hannah, do you ever sleep? ;)

  2. Thanks, Sho! You've got talent yourself, miss. Did you read on your blog intro how awesome you are? And, as one mother to another, sleep-- what's that? :-)