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Jacky Gray's first career was engineering and after 23 years writing software for telephone exchanges, she spent 10 years teaching children, occasionally introducing them to the joy of mathematics.
She lives in the Midlands with her husband (children having flown the nest), where she enjoys walking in nature and any kind of live entertainment. She watches a lot of movies and some great TV shows like Merlin, Robin Hood, Dr Who, Ashes to Ashes and Being Human. She also listens to a lot of Journey and Queen and reads (apologies to the adverb police) voraciously, especially Lee Child, Suzanne Collins, Jodi Picoult and Stephen King. But her favourite author will always be the master of history, Bernard Cornwall.

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The Books

Archer, Hengist: The People of the Horse, #1

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Archer- one boy's fight against adversity to find friendship, romance and the generosity to love his enemy.
Mmm. Shoot an apple off his friend’s head or lose his food, horse and clothes? Some decisions require little thought.

Archer is the sort of boy things happen to. Orphaned as a baby, his gifts make him different to other kids. He doesn't understand why he's so much stronger and faster than other boys; why a sword feels so right in his hand; or how every arrow he looses at a target will hit the centre, even if his eyes are closed.

At the Beltane ritual, he must fight his friends to see who is most worthy. But his real battle is with an enemy whose callous disrespect for the natural order brings dangerous consequences. Archer is the only one who can save him, but after the way Edlyn has treated him, does he really want to?

Rory, Hengist: People of the Horse, #2

Rory – about a na├»ve stranger who rises above his aggressors and teaches them about courage and honour.
Archer’s reward for being the most worthy student in his graduating class is to lose his home and all his friends.

Sent from his tranquil, medieval life to aggressive, modern-day England, Archer’s mission is to report back about cars, computers and even chocolate. The other foster boys try to break his spirit by threatening him with his own bow – they have no idea they are dealing with a trained warrior. He teaches them honour, integrity and archery; they teach him how to get in trouble with the authorities. 

Forced to move foster homes, things go downhill as pink-haired Mandy takes a fancy to his athletic body - his warrior defences are useless against her obnoxious wiles. She seems determined to drag Archer into the shady world of Stiff and his gang of teenage shoplifters. How can he hope to survive when the people he thought were his friends betray him?

Reagan, Hengist: People of the Horse, #3

Reagan - the chosen boy who decodes the mysteries of white horses, crop circles and ley lines to save his people.
Reagan didn't think he was anything special, lots of boys could sense ley lines and knew the healing properties of plants and trees. 

Whatever he did would never be good enough for his mother, not even when he won the Garlanding or scored 100% on his graduation tests. With the help of his white horse spirit guide Blaise and a master trainer Kalen, he tries to determine the position of the next white horse.

After an unsteady start they were aided in their quest by Reeve, daughter of the leading authority on white horses. Reagan's mathematical skills help him to decode the complex patterns of ley lines and crop circles but it becomes a race against time as the dangerous accidents in the village lead to more serious casualties. Then children are struck down with a mystery illness. Can Archer help him to find the missing pieces of the puzzle or will Reagan's perilous gift destroy him as it destroyed so many other chosen children?

Slater, Hengist: People of the Horse, #4

Slater - the boy who outwits the wicked shaman to uncover the secrets of the stone temples.
Slater is the son of Mason, but he will never be a chip off the old block. 

His father is responsible for maintaining Aveburgh henge, but Slater is far more interested in the rituals going on inside the stones. A deep connection to the ancient secrets is revealed through disturbing adventures as he travels back in time. His talent for reading ley lines gets Slater in trouble, but ultimately saves his life. 

He meets some colourful characters and discovers primitive traditions that use the power of earth energies. Slater's ability to solve problems under pressure gets him out of desperate situations as he is faced with a series of challenges from terrifying shamen who only seem to need one thing from him - his death. Slater can tell that the ancient stone temples are not built correctly, but what will happen if he interferes in the past?

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