Thursday, May 11, 2017

Sunburn in Wales? - now there's Fantasy

Ok, so I'm British and we like to talk about the weather. A lot. This week brought a unique weather phenomenon. Interested?
But being a writer, first let me set the scene.
For the last six years, I've been lucky enough to have the use my aunt's caravan set in a picturesque caravan park nestled between a stream and a pine forest. Can you tell how much I fell in love with this place?

It became a little piece of paradise for us: a perfect base to explore (with various partners in crime) the fantastic delights mid Wales offers; cool accommodation for a cheap family holiday; a bolt-hole for me to escape the responsibilities of job, family, life and last but not least, my very own writing cave.
Cadair Idris

The enchanting countryside sports the captivating Castel-Y-Bere, a ruined castle where I stood above clouds (and Sasha, the family collie fell into the ancient well), the imposing Cadair Idris, conquered many times by all the family, and we only had to call out Mountain Rescue once when a heavy fog settled at the top, obscuring the correct path.

Carry on past Cadair and you drive so close to the edge of the fabulous Tal-y-llyn you can almost touch it. A few miles further will get you to the fabulous Dolgoch falls.Yep, there is a theme to all this: stream, lake, waterfall - Wales boast some of the most picturesque water features you can imagine. The plot thickens here when you hear my nickname for it: Wet, Windy Wales.

Last year, my uncle announced with regret he'd have to sell the van as they were no longer able to visit as often due to illness. He was secretly hoping I'd take the bait and of course I jumped at the chance to pay the rental for a year so we could have one last time visiting all our favourite places to say goodbye. Being in charge of it means a lot of responsibility in the cleaning, lawn-mowing, general maintenance areas, but it also means we can pop down at the drop of a hat, without needing to check no-one else has booked it. So,it's only the first week in May and already I've finished the third visit.

But something truly magical happened last week: for the first time in living memory (mine, at least), it was several degrees hotter in Wales than back in the midlands. Resulting in three things: the stuff of fantasy - sunburn (suncream in Wales? In May? As if!!!), the unprecedented happening of my hubby staying down there on his own when I had to come back for a wee decorating (remodelling) job, and most wonderful of all, said hubby agreeing that if it's possible, we should pay the rental for an additional year. Now that's what I call a result, boyo!

My magical walk alongside Tal-y-llyn

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