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Andrea Domanski - Crossfire

Holly Newhouse Guidry: "This book hooked me from page one and kept me on the edge of my seat with twists and turns I never saw coming. It was like an explosion of shock and wonder, it was magnificent!"

Katrina Harrison: "The book is amazing! The characters are strong, well-thought out and fully defined. Everything was so beautifully written. Once you pick up the book, you will find it hard to put down."

Rebecca Long: "This book was brilliantly original pulling you into the story and the lives of the characters from the very first page. It is a fantastic read full of fantastic characters and a great storyline that will keep you hooked."

Andrea Domanski - Greco

Thomas Haase – Amazon Reader: "Greco is a suspense filled sequel to Domanski's first full length novel. It is even better, if that is possible, to Crossfire. Well written and a pleasure to read the prose created by this author. Well done!"

Maureen Isabella Rea - Amazon Reader: "After Crossfire I knew this short sequel would entice my imagination to soar! And Greco delivered, but I wanted more! Now to await the next in this series, ever impatiently:)"

Amazon Reader: "I now have a newfound respect for Greco. I can not wait to read the next book. I could not put down until I read it cover to cover."

Andrea Domanski - Rogue

Amazon Reader: "Romance, conspiracy, betrayal, paranormal with a sci-fi twist - this book manages to tie it all in successfully."

Melissa Greenberg: "Steeped in ancient culture, full of superhero-type of characters, intense conflict and characters to love and hate - Rogue was one breathtaking book to read!"

Julianna Bella Doerres Ma/Ed: "Fast action and lots of paranormal activity will keep your imagination on fast speed. You will not want to stop reading and once done you will be anxious to see what happens next to the Omega Group."

Andrea Domanski - Pandora

Lisa Charlie: "The Omega Group family will have you falling in love, laughing, crying, angry, shocked and much more."

Alice: "The pace is fast, the plot is outrageous (like all great adventures) and the super-hero characters feel like your friends."

DMJ’s Girl: "This original take on Greek Mythology is truly fantastic, and as always Domanski's writing is clean, action-packed and full of humor. I found myself laughing a lot at my new favorite character, Flip."

JD Faulkner - Mirrored Time

Amazon Reader:"If you are looking for a well-crafted fantasy escape, look no further. The book starts by introducing Gwen and the reader to the mysterious archives and their mysterious archivist. From there, the story gains momentum until it is impossible to put down."

Amazon Reader:"JD Faulker's debut novel swept me off my feet. An exciting page turner that had me dreading the moment I would finish and I had to leave the wonderfully original world Ms. Faulkner had created."

"A genuinely rip roaring romp through the annals of time and space, Mirrored Time will likely win a horde of enthusiastic followers for author J D Faulkner and is certainly recommended."

Amazon Vine Reviewer:"Part of the allure of sci-fi/horror/fantasy is tethering the reader to a familiar world and then revving it up a notch so that nothing is as it seems. This writer -- much to my delight -- has mastered that skill. Typically, I take a deep breath when reading a sci-fi entry because so many are derivative. This one stands out from the pack."

Goodreads Reviewer:"A big thumbs up for J. D Faulkner who manages to deliver an intricate time warped plot without making it overly complicated. Good story line and good characterization combined with an easy to read style made Mirrored Time a real pleasure to read for me."

SM Freedman - The Faithful

Inkspand: "This is one of the most amazing books available today and I am so glad that I read it. The author did a magnificent job of grabbing my attention and keeping it throughout the entire book."

Publisher's Weekly: "Wacky and far-reaching, this work reveals fiery intellect."

Hannah Sullivan - Thunder: The Shadows are Stirring

Parker, 15: "The way she wrote the book was intriguing; she wrote it from the first person point of view from each character. I thought it was fun because you got to know their thoughts, but you could still interpret the other parts of the story yourself."

Amazon Reader: "Ms. Sullivan has a writing style that is completely captivating. She creates beautiful pictures with her words, and she seriously grabbed me and wouldn’t let me go." 

Alice - Amazon Reader: "The story uses fantasy to explore what it means to be human; our ability to forgive, and to have compassion and to endure terrible loss and come through it. The way these themes are interwoven into the fabric of a tale that is both dark and light, gave me chills."

Hannah Sullivan - Five Weeks: a Lifetime

Gloria, Inkspand: "The story itself is as heart warming as it is heart breaking. The story of a short but memorable life that gives the reader hope and compassion. This is an inspirational story of loss and of living through it."

Paula, Amazon: "For anyone who has ever experienced the pangs of loss, FIVE WEEKS is for you, but this is not solely a sad tale about the loss of a young baby, it is a book that contains the secret to living your best life, despite whatever crosses your path."

Michela, Amazon: "I felt nearly every emotion while reading this (a lot of crying). What I take from this book is inspiration to be the best mom I can be and the importance of community."

Jacky Gray - Archer

J.D. Faulkner, Author: "Archer is a boy after my own heart. A little shy, wickedly clever (when words are necessary), and loyal to the bone. I think the best part of this book is how human and endearing all the characters are."

Sarah Dalziel: "Archer is fascinating and captivating! I love the way the characters, scenes and general description of Archer's world are portrayed so eloquently."

Anil, 11: "My mum was planning to read the book before I did but I insisted on reading it first so she has to wait. So far, your book has been one of the best I've read in years."

Jacky Gray - Rory

Amazon Reader: "I love the way Archer handles himself in some pretty horrible situations and the way he finds justice for those involved."

Veronica Richards, Author: "Rory is an absorbing tale that mixes medieval with modern. Ms. Gray delivers a well-written, fast-paced work. It is targeted at teenagers but enjoyable for all ages."

Maria Wheatley, Author: "Another of Jacky Gray's books which involve the reader to look at life's adventures through mystical, all-seeing eyes. Woven into the words as the pages unfold is a journey that we can all relate to and for me that is the magic of a good writer."

Jacky Gray - Reagan

Amazon Reader: "There is something about this story that really speaks to me. I can't put a finger on it, but it has to do with the way the author spins this one out, with the mixing of the mystery and the mystical."

Lisa Rikand, Author: "I'm not a math nerd, but thoroughly enjoyed looking for patterns along with Reagan. I picked up this book because I have an unnatural obsession with the chalk horses of England and was not disappointed! This is a well-researched slice of both topics (math, I mean...)!"

Amazon Reader: "Another pacey book - a great way to get lost for an evening or two. I found this book almost as hard to put down as when I first read Archer."

Jacky Gray - Slater

Amazon Reader: "To me, the best part of the story is the joy and excitement which Gray writes it. You can tell it's a subject she is particularly interested in, and that love of the topic really makes the story shine."

S.M. Freedman, Author: "I find the history of stone circles particularly fascinating, and Ms. Gray did a fantastic job of weaving intelligent research with vivid fantasy in a way that kept me reading (and guessing!) long into the night."

Paula Yorell, Author: "Although Slater is aimed at teens, the pace, content and maturity of the main character make it also a perfect choice for adults too."

Ro Green - Death wishes

Amazon Reader: "The characters Ms Green has created are so loveable and so real, that by the end, you will feel like you are reading a story about your best friend. Her humor sparkles, her passion sizzles and her image of the bureaucracy of Heaven is truly unique (and hilarious)."

Alice Bell, Author: "My favorite part of the book is the supporting cast of characters. They all leap off the page and help to make Jo’s story warm and heartfelt. If you are looking for a fun book off the beaten-path, don’t pass up Death Wishes."

DMJ's Girl, Amazon: "Full of heat, sass and humour, Death Wishes is a fantastic must read. Seriously. MUST. READ. :)"

Ro Green - Triple Jeoppardy

Amazon Reader: "What a fantastic premise! Three intriguing women in troublesome situations, over three decades. When I saw this on the bestsellers list, I had to get it."

Amazon Reader: "I really enjoyed Ms. Green's "Death Wishes," so I was eager to see what this book was all about. There were some sweet and heroic moments to be found in each story, and I really enjoyed the characters and the sparks of humor."

Amazon Reader: "Rowanna Green delivers another well-written, humorous and insightful work about contemporary life in the United Kingdom."

Ro Green - Fox Among Wolves

Hannah Sullivan, Author: "This is a modern twisty-turny story full of intrigue, lies, and deceit, and peppered with a good amount of romance and some humor. The characters run the gamut from sweet to nasty, loveable to despicable."

Amazon Reader: "Readers who love intense, intriguing and somewhat twisted dark romances should not miss this book."

S. Davis, McWood Publishing: "This novel was probably one of the most action-packed books that I have ever read; the plots and subplots are enough to keep the reader on his or her toes, so I was never bored. I found myself turning through the pages, wondering what would happen next."

Ro Green - Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

Andrea Domanski, Author: "This series has the perfect mix of romance, action, and intrigue, a hard thing to find. In this story, we have Carrie, who is vulnerable and flawed, and Bryn who is strong yet still flawed. The two together are brilliant."

Amazon Reader: "Wolf in Sheep's Clothing provides the reader with action, adventure and romance. The two main characters this time around are Carrie and Bryn, who are complex, interesting characters, forced to work together on a mission that will take them further than they could have ever imagined."

Amazon Reader: "IMHO this second book is BETTER than the first book, Fox Amongst Wolves. Overall, Ms. Green has taken all that was great about the first book in the HOSTAGE series and improved upon it"

Kudos for Crossfire by Andrea Domanski:

Fantasy - New Adult
& College
With pulsating action and a nifty heroine, Cross Fire is the new Urban Fantasy novel by author Andrea Domanski. It’s a challenging genre, with female protagonists becoming ten a penny, but Domanski does well to differentiate herself with a balanced blend of thrills and spills and a particularly well-constructed plot. Her main characters are brilliantly rendered, and repartee is a delight to read whilst in the true spirit of urban fantasy there is plenty of nail biting action, gritty combat sequences and enough twists and turns to keep the most ardent adventure fan sated. Of course, there are a number of well touted titles delivering as much in equal measure, but what makes Domanski’s offering noteworthy is a fine sense of humour, which yields some highly memorable one liners and an ability to create wonderful villains. Click here to read full review.

Kudos for Andrea Domanski
If anyone is looking for an impressive budding author--who is great at developing plots with powerful action scenes, growing tension and memorable characters to root for-- Andrea Domanski comes to mind. I truly believe she is genius in the making – Michael Sheahan

Kudos for Mirrored Time by J.D. Faulkner:
Science Fiction- Time Travel
The story is captivating with plenty of twists and turns—the author does a fantastic job of keeping the guesses coming—and it is not overwhelmingly dark, though it does lack a bit of the grit typically associated with the genre.... The characters are easy to relate to, their flaws making them all the more compelling, and the relationships between them are intricate without getting bogged down in every minute detail;the back and forth between Gwen and Rafe is especially exciting, saucy and flirty without being graphic.... Gwen’s growth from apathetic, bored woman to heroine to be reckoned with is well-done without overusing the “woman can do it all alone” trope to exces. Click here to read full review.
Kudos for The Faithful by SM Freedman:
Psychic Suspense
How do you and a handful of people with unique special abilities stop the end of the world? Put on your seatbelt and get ready for the ride of your life! Join Ryanne, Josh, and Sumner as the lives of kidnapped children; the FBI; a bunch of priests; and a red headed woman intersect in a plot that will leave you breathless. The characters were so well developed that I had no problem feeling what they felt as I held my breath, cried, and sighed with relief as I turned page after page. As hard as I tried, I could not put it down as twists and turns led to shocking secrets as the faith, strength, courage, and determination of a few saved so many. Click here to read full review.

Kudos for Thunder by Hannah Sullivan:
Children's Sword &
Sorcery Fantasy
The Shadows are Stirring" is absolutely brilliant. I enjoyed the elevated writing style which kept me glued from the beginning until I finished reading the whole book. I really took pleasure in reading some funny parts or sentences which made me laugh out loud; I already started imagining a " family of cheerful looking, cored apple heads", dancing around the dinner table. The writer is very talented and has a very entrancing writing style. The atmosphere of the book and some parts reminded me of Neverending story, which is one of my favorites. The story line is very original and it follows the adventures of Olivia, her brothers: Sam and Jamie and their friend and Guardian: Ethan. All characters are beautifully constructed. Along the way they reveal that they posses a lot of positive qualities such as courage, kindness, trust, intelligence etc. The book is full of adventures, the battle between the good and the evil, value of friendship, bravery, independence and humor. I would recommend it to readers of all ages, it will satisfy your craving for reading a brilliant book and keep you glued until the end.
Click here to read more reviews.

Kudos for Five Weeks by Hannah Sullivan:
Death & Grief
Hannah Sullivan's book about baby Clinton clearly shows how she and her husband, John, made a space full of love and acceptance, for Clinton. Their love for Clinton allowed him to go through whatever he had to go through in his short lifetime. I believe this book, with Ms Sullivan's willingness to share both the darkest and the brightest moments of Clinton's journey will help others who have to travel similar experiences. The book could help them to have an awareness of the moments of grace, beauty, and truth in the dark moments that they might otherwise miss.
Click here to read more reviews.

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