Thursday, July 3, 2014

Prepare to be Faithful ...

Hi loves! Just thought I'd stop by and say hello. The WWW gals are still busy little bees working on our new super fantastic, top secret, really cool Project.

*mild heart attack* I thought we'd been discovered!

It's not quite ready to be revealed yet, but I do have some other great news. The fantastic S.M. Freedman's The Faithful is getting the praise and recognition it deserves! So I officially declare today to be Sho Day! And already the day is showered with awesomesauce. I know it sounds sticky, but it is awesome, I promise. 

Tell your friends, because it's going to be legend... wait for it ...
Dude, just check out this awesome new review (if you're feeling jealous, you can read and add your OWN review on Ammy):

"How do you and a handful of people with unique special abilities stop the end of the world? Put on your seatbelt and get ready for the ride of your life! This is one of the most amazing books available today and I am so glad that I read it. Join Ryanne, Josh, Sumner and an assorted bunch of other characters as the lives of kidnapped children; the FBI; a bunch of priests; and a red headed woman intersect in a plot that will leave you breathless.

The author did a magnificent job of grabbing my attention and keeping it throughout the entire book. As hard as I tried, I could not put it down as twists and turns led to shocking secrets as the faith, strength, courage, and determination of a few saved so many. The characters were so well developed that I had no problem feeling what they felt as I held my breath, cried, and sighed with relief as I turned page after page. The children are they key to a devastating plot that will change the entire world as we know it. I have no idea how anyone could think up a story like this, but I am so glad that Ms. Freedman had the ability to do so.

You will experience love, sacrifice, psychics, dedication, and unfortunately, death, as strangers work together for the good of the world. Good does overcome, but sadly evil survives to rear its ugly head again someday. I cannot think of words to do justice to this work of fiction, so please, just get a copy and read it for yourself. You will not be disappointed and I know that you will be waiting for a sequel just as I am. Do not miss this one!"

How cool is that? The lovely Ammy reviewer hit the nail on the head! It's 100% true: The Faithful is not a book to miss! And just in case you were impressed enough, check out this book trailer created by  ... YES! SM Freedman herself! This lady's talent does not end!

So until we unveil our super exciting news, please check out Sho's book (available here) and leave her a nice review. We love hearing from our readers! You make our little hearts go all twitterpated.

Thanks so much for checking in! From the WWW ladies to you: Have a fantastic day!

... DARY!!!


  1. You've done it again. In a may blog, you'd gone to some passionate length, persuading readers of an acquaintance's book.

    The Representative's finally got a, that should now at least be one pair of people who've been shown something they've never seen before.

    (Hope Fractured Time's coming along fine.)