Sunday, January 8, 2017

A New Year

Another year gone, another new year started. And with the new year, new resolutions. The start of the year is always the time to focus on improvement. What can we do to make this year, this version of ourselves, better. 

I don't have anything against resolutions, I make a fair number of them myself (and fail to keep more than a few of them). But I find myself struggling with the same bad habit at the beginning of each year. Instead of looking over the past year and celebrating in all the accomplishments, I spend time going through all the "if onlys."

If only I had stuck with it at the gym and the treadmill. If only I had spent more time writing. If only, if only, if only. 

No matter how much effort I put into it, I can't change one second of the past. It's an exercise in futility and I find that it starts to negatively affect my mindset today. There is nothing wrong with wanting to improve, but it's equally important to take a moment and be proud of what you have accomplished. To take a second and recognize the successes that have brought you to this moment. 

I know I need the reminder, and I hope it is helpful for you too. Take a look back at 2016, ignore anything you may see as a failure, and instead find the moments that you are truly proud of. I'm starting 2017 in a whole new decade of my life. It's a bit of a wonky year so far, too many stressful surprises in just a week. But I'm still excited for what this year can bring. I'm still hopeful. 

I've come so far and done so much. There are things I want to improve and accomplish, but that doesn't take away from the victories of the past. Time keeps on ticking whether we want it to or not.  I hope we all can take the joys of 2016 and use them to face 2017 head on with a positive attitude. Here's to the best new year it can be.

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