Monday, March 30, 2015

This is not an April Fool

Ok, so who in their right mind would pick All Fool's Day to release a book? Yep. You got it in one.
When I wrote Fox Among Wolves many decades ago (it was my very first full-length novel) I had no intention of writing a sequel. So there's a kind of resonance with this date - am I a fool for trying to continue with a done deal?

Apparently not - Wolf in Sheep's Clothing was created due to a number of requests from readers who liked some of these characters as much as I did. Really didn't need too much arm-twisting to spend more time with my lovely Welshman, Bryn. And what a complex character Carrie turned out to be. Who knew what she'd gone through? Hope you enjoy delving into her life as much as I did.

But for many of my fabulous beta readers, (thanks so much Hannah, Ace, V, Sho, Paula and JD) there was an unlikely hero who caught their attention.
Wonder if you'll guess which one?
As for the cover - Rebecca Sterling is on good form - another gem.

Here's a bit of a clue to the main themes:

And here's the back-of-book blurb:

Every man in Carrie's life wants to control her. That's just the way it is. So, when her ex-military father needs an undercover husband and wife team to root out a traitor, she endures the selection process. From self-defence training to sniffing sweaty tee-shirts, she holds her own.

The soldier picked to infiltrate her dad's factory is everything she's learned to hate in a man. Built like a Welsh mountain, Bryn is an unlikely partner whose detective skills expose her shameful secrets. Battling deeply-buried terrors, Carrie faces setbacks designed to stretch her tenuous grip on reality to its limit. His gentle kindness pierces her armour and their mutual interests restore her tattered self-esteem.

Things ramp up as the factory manager is kidnapped, but her dad doesn't seem unduly alarmed when a security breach catapults his firm into an unsavoury global arena. Carrie ends up in the wrong place at the wrong time. With her track record, the chances of her surviving unscathed are slim.

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